A broken freedom fighter,
A dedicated enforcement officer,
The fate of their city
hangs in the balance.

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Sacrifices must be made.


On a desert planet, all citizens must cooperate to survive. The scientific organization, Pallagen, protects the colony city of Exordia—whether they want it or not.


Rebels must be broken.


Ex-Pallagen researcher Lena Ward isn't going down without a fight. Her team of Exordia rejects is ready to pierce Pallagen's benevolent exterior and expose the truth of their horrible agenda.


Loyalty must be programmed.


Amnesiac Alex Kleric is reclaiming her life as an Enforcement officer dedicated to Exordia and Pallagen. But the records aren’t jogging her memories. Something is wrong—and all questions point to Lena Ward and her underground rebellion.


Progress must continue.


To save Exordia. At any cost.



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