Sarah Ott


I’m Sarah!

My name has an "h" on the end. This is very vital knowledge about me, almost as important as knowing that I’m married to books.

No, sorry, it’s Aaron. I’m married to Aaron. He puts up with the constant co-existence of books, though, and doesn’t complain when they end up stacked on the table, strewn across the couch, or piled on his piano.

He did complain about the one I left on his side of the bed though.

I don’t ever remember not being able to read. I’ve read so much that stories started spilling out through my fingers and onto paper. Such as we are made of, such we be, and I’m made of words. You can see that I’m mostly made of Shakespeare words, but I’ve read anything and everything. Fair warning: books will be judged by the number of swords, murders, guns, or spaceships involved.

A few other things besides books that keep me alive are coffee, avocados, and the outdoors. When I’m not reading, writing, panicking over deadlines, or emoting over good literature, I work in kids ministry writing curriculum and managing the zillion other things in the office, and hang out doing homework or hula hoops with at-risk kids.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have words to be writing.

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